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This is a National Kukkiwon entity driven and run by appropriately qualified UK Kukkiwon masters, irrespective of affiliation.


Educating people as to the methods, standards and aims of the Kukkiwon; engaging with Kukkiwon style practitioners at all levels.


Enabling people to obtain official Kukkiwon dan certification through training and examination by approved examiners, and for other Kukkiwon orientated national level qualifications.

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First UK Hanmadang Judges Course

On 27th and 28th February 2016 the first 2 UK Hanmadang Judges courses were held in Skelmerdale, Lancashire prior to a UK Hanmadang event planned for later in the year. The course was conducted by Master Chris Theon who flew in from Belgium to conduct the course.  Masster Theon has officiated as a Hanmadang judge for

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Kukkiwon examiner courses

There have been 2 Kukkiwon examiner courses relevant to the UK, the first being in Korea in July 2015 and the other being in Vienna in November 2015 which was hosted by the ETU and the Austrian Taekwondo Federation.  These courses were open to all Kukkiwon Masters irrespective of affiliation. The following people have now

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Dan grading rules change in 2016

The way in which Dan grading’s are to be conducted and the ability for Masters to conduct them will all change as of January 2016. Kukkiwon certified Masters will only be able to recommend Dan promotion up to and including 2nd Dan; 3rd Dan and above must be conducted by an approved panel. Anyone who

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